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Save Our Toilet Campaign

Donating CanThe Biggar Business Group is actively campaigning alongside The COMMUNITY toilets Appeal to raise £5000 to reach the matched funding from the Wind Farm Community Scheme and have supplied the 40 collecting tins that are in many of the high street shops.

The council in its rush to achieve savings has decided that all the public toilets will be closed this June, although Biggar have an extension until September to raise the necessary funds to take over the public loos and they desperately need YOUR help. If the toilets close then many of the independent shops will follow as they rely on the tourist trade to keep going – no toilets mean that less tourists will stop and shop in Biggar.

If shops close then Biggar will end up like many UK towns with boarded up shops and a declining local economy which in turn will affect house prices, so it is in the interests of everyone that enjoys living in the area to support this local scheme.